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MaKo 2020: 

Gaining Competitive Advantage through the Digitisation of the Energy Transition

The German retail energy sector is in the midst of unprecedented change, with disruptive market pressures and new regulations set to transform the industry.

The sector has traditionally counted on long-term, monopolistic business plans to fuel success. However, this traditional way of operating has experienced significant change in recent years due to industry liberalization, the unbundling of the energy supply chain and the increasing demand for renewable energy. As if these challenges were not enough, enter a new initiative dubbed MaKo 2020, that demands more changes across the value chain and shifts the onus of data collection to the metering point operator.

Working together, Vlocity and powercloud are addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by these market changes. In this executive briefing, we take a closer look at the regulatory requirements and changes, the impact on both consumers and suppliers, the opportunity to reinvent the customer experience, drive new business models, and turn MaKo 2020 into competitive advantage.

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