Building a Successful Path 

to Digital Transformation

Develop your digital-readiness roadmap with telco industry experts

Today’s telco customers demand new innovative services and seamless digital experiences that require CSPs to unify and simplify processes while delivering continuous value

Top 3 Challenges of Digital Transformation

Enabling cultural and organizational change

Simplifying their business

Moving from strategy to execution

Source: Vlocity Digital Transformation for Communications Executive Survey

Now you can leverage Vlocity’s experience working with incumbent telco operators around the world to help you develop a successful digital-first transformation strategy. Based on the TM Forum’s Six-Dimensional Digital Maturity Model, Vlocity’s Digital Assessment Workshops utilize a Readiness Matrix to quickly determine where your company is along the path to digital readiness.

Vlocity's Digital Readiness Workshop

Register for a 90-minute workshop with Vlocity’s Digital Transformation experts to help your company define its digital readiness, see best practice transformation strategies used across the world, and understand the common pitfalls that can knock a transformation off track.

In this workshop you’ll receive the following:

  • In-depth digital readiness analysis. We’ll explore how your company compares to its peers in the areas of a digital- first culture, executive, program and organizational leadership, and governance structures.
  • Benchmark rating for valuable insights. The Vlocity team will also rate your company’s technical readiness and compare it with other Vlocity telco customers who have made successful transformation, migration and coexistence strategy choices.
  • Free customized Digital Readiness Assessment Report showing your digital readiness in five key areas along with insights into planning techniques that will help keep your execution aligned with business strategy and guided by your key value drivers.

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