Unlock the Utility Back Office with Vlocity Integrations

Is your utility trying to build a modern digital customer experience on legacy systems? Discover how Vlocity Energy & Utilities connects modern utility customer engagement to major utility back-office systems. 

On-Demand Solution Webinar:

Fast-Track Digital Transformation with Powerful Integration Capabilities

Vlocity accelerates your digital transformation by connecting all the major electric, gas and water utility back-office systems to best-in-class customer-facing applications and cloud CRM capabilities.

In this webinar, Vlocity's expert product and strategy team explain the depth and breadth of Vlocity's integration capabilities that are reducing anticipated investment in cloud CRM implementation. Experience the solution first-hand during the event with a demo of the Vlocity Energy & Utilities Process Library. 

Connect Everything

Learn how utilities are leveraging the pre-built integrations in the Vlocity Energy & Utility Cloud to unlock legacy CIS and Billing systems and fast-track their digital customer experience initiatives.

  • Get to Customer 360 faster - Vlocity has a complete library of downloadable utility-specific business processes with pre-built integrations to the major CIS and Billing systems including SAP IS-U
  • Reimagine your front office - Vlocity lets you quickly and flexibly connect an array of the best-in-class cloud platforms and digital customer experience applications
  • Minimize integration effort and increase ROI - Vlocity does 80% of your integration work, freeing up your IT resources to focus their coding time on innovating and differentiating.

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