Technology for Good:

Transforming Child Welfare Programs

View the latest resources to learn how child welfare agencies are transforming their practice to

drive better user experiences and outcomes

Today, digital transformation is making it possible for agencies to empower their most important asset - dedicated caseworkers - who can now make a bigger impact as a result of enabling technologies.

Download the Vlocity Government guidebook to learn about:

  • How modern software and CRM can save public sector caseworkers precious time
  • How to keep up with growing caseloads, and leverage scarce resources to help those who need them most
  • Improving case management systems to drive better efficiency
  • Helping IT departments move with the speed of business

Technology for Good: Child Welfare Solutions 

Enabled by the Cloud

View the latest article with video from ZDNet to learn how the Indiana Child Welfare Agency:

Indiana Department of Child Services Turns to Tech

to Improve Child Welfare Programs

  • Reduced caseworker turnover that was exceeding 40% by 18% in just 6 months using insight enabled by Vlocity technology
  • Increased employee engagement efforts from 30% to over 95% due to modern user interfaces and ease of use
  • Initiated new projects quickly with Vlocity's new CCWIS specific data model

Technology for Good: 5 Challenges Impacting Child Welfare Programs and Effective Solutions


Carol Hussey, Director, KPMG  (Moderator)

Paul Epp, COO, Foster Care Technologies 

Roderick Bremby, Sr. Director, Health & Human Services, Salesforce

Evy Torres, Director, Product Management, Vlocity

Government industry experts discuss current child welfare challenges state agencies face today and effective approaches to improve outcomes.

In this on-demand webinar, topics include how to:

  • Effectively address the requirements of the First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA)
  • Optimize the recruitment and placement process of foster families
  • Improve workforce retention and resilience

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